Friday, 17 September 2010

The pace slows a little

Things have been good, just plodding along, feeling a little directionless at times, but maintaining. Training, working, riding, keeping on the race tip, last weekend Trumbull <3 and this weekend my old favourite and the first track I raced at here in the US, Kingston. There's a shady beach near the track where you can swim afterwards, and some pretty sick trails too, so lots of fun to be had just off the NY state Thruway. No long ting.

This week has been kinda quiet, nothing much going off, spending time with Daniella and friends, pushing weight with Frenchie, home cooking, radio, discovering new music and buying tickets for upcoming roadblocks. Hudson Mohwake and LuckyMe in NYC in a few weeks, thats going to be beserk, and next Friday Mount Kimbie at Public Assembly down the road from me in Brooklyn, so excited for that. Here's a taster.

Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie remix) by Hypetrak

A few weeks time i'll be blessed with Warren and Hannah up in the place, and then a little crossover treat, AT arrives and stays on for a good week for more NYC madness and fun, psyched on the visits, good times ahead. The City is cooling off a little, the humidity lessening, and that suits me to the ground, but still holding things in the mid-70's. treat. Being an Englishman, I feel the need to share the Weather stats.

I bought another bike, the intention being to use the parts to re-build the old faithful Ribble, she had a bit of an accident resulting in a rear wheel catastrophe, so I sourced a bike on Craigslist that sounded pretty good, on meeting the seller I did feel the steed may have been a bit hot.. The dude looked like he had never ridden a bike in his life, and the bike could have easily have been sold for $1000 instead it was going for $450. A steal.

But what could I say? What could I do, it was merely me speculationg and if I didn't get the bargain, someone else would have done.

I spent the night filing off serial numbers...Not really, but I did build the Ribble up with almost brand new 105 cranks, mechs, and some sick Cane Creek wheels The rest I will sell, plus my old stuff that is still pretty solid, and maybe even make some money out of it. Hot damn.

Anyway, that's about it, lookking forward to BMX shreds at the track and trails this weekend, although hating the fact that i'm pretty much a "weekend warrior" now, I miss you Bolehills.

Have another tilt-shift-time-lapse-beauty to put a smile on your face. Selector.. Run that!

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.


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