Thursday, 30 September 2010

good + good = better

Four Tet, is one of the best producers of deep, soulful, eclectic, electronia, and Mercury award winners the XX are just a wonderful aural experience.

Combined it's a moment of magic. The XX - VCR Remixed by Four Tet.

you can listen to it here.

You can download it here.

Sorry I have been a bit slow, not too much going off, hitting the road bike a ton, hitting Frenchie's hard, and being kept a bit too busy at work. Not all that enthralling. But I'm in a good place right now, lot's of enjoyable things coming up!

One thing occurred to me earlier today though as I was riding to work in the rain, and that is, I have 2 shoulders, but why does it seem that my bag will only stay on one of them?

Anyway, new DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow - Def Surrounds Us by take1


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