Thursday, 9 September 2010

Some Things Just Need To Be Shared.

Mary Anne Hobbs bowed out of Radio 1 last night, after 14 years of bringing music to the masses, in a way that perhaps only one other person did, the legendary John Peel. RIP. MAH leaves for pastures new and leaves behind a legacy.

I remember listening to her back when I was in secondary school, her smooth husky voice introducing violent, aggressive, incredible music from the likes of Pantera and Slipknot, the contrast was mesmerising. From the rock show, she began the experimental show, and it was a little too much for me, I was stuck in my ways, and never branched out. I kind of gave up on broadcast radio altogether, I would still listen to Force and Rinse occasionally, but the line was drawn there.

iPlayer changed everything for me, my love for broadcasting was rekindled, and my affiar began again with Radio, and Mary Anne Hobbs. I was truly gutted when I heard about her leaving, her weekly show was something I always looked forward to hearing. Now it's over, but I still hold a flame for the BBC radio fam, Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Mistajam will keep things interesting enough.

Last nights show can be re-listened to again here and downloaded here. It was beautiful, and on a number of ocassions made the hair on my body stand on end. The special guest mix by Kode9 and Burial leaves me speechless. That mix can be downloaded seperately and i insist you do that, from here. Respect goes out to Gorilla vs. Bear collective for that one.

This tune kills me, beautiful.

Thnak you Mary Anne Hobbs, for the big nights here in NYC at club Love, and the several times I came to watch you spin at the Tuesday Club in Sheffield. I'm gutted I missed you at Cielo over that system, next time for sure.


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