Monday, 18 October 2010

D-Stroy on the Wheels of Steel

Sick weekend! Friday night we hit my favourite little unknown spot on Bleecker, just before Bowery, this little place is tucked away at the back of a restaurant, down some shady stairs, not even displaying a sign, in fact, I'm not sure it has a name, but what awaits is a very nice soundsystem, amazing acoustics, every wall and the ceiling in the room are lined with corks from wine bottles, they play a lot of funk, soul, house, and old school hip hop, the crowd is pretty good, the red stripe is cheap, and its just a good time! I didn't stay too late, as Loco-Loco-Giorgio was picking em up at 8am.

We headed upstate and out to Connecticut for big sessions up at Torrington BMX, gates, getting my jump on, manual sessions, pick up pedalling stuff, skills base work, and just good times, no pressure, no racing, just shredding. There were some trails there too so we got a little involved, good times!

Saturday night a relaxing evening with Daniella and Maricio dinner and a couple of beers, met some cool new people and some not so cool people. Sunday I chilled, slept until quite late, made a big breakfast, cleaned, watched An Idiot Abroad (I love that show, and Karl Pilkington is incredible, absolutely classic) then made a 2 hour mix. From stone cold classic hip hop joints, through new dubs, mashing boundaries of genres from soundsystem culture, through tech house and garage.

I did it on the discover DJ deck midi controller thing through my macbook, there is no headphone output, so you can't really listen to what you're mixing down, its a lot of guesswork, but good fun, don't watch the mixing, just enjoy the cuts!

Culture Clash Sounds by DC4416

Have a listen, download it if you want!

peace peace! x x

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