Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Time, I don't gots it..

So busy, work is mad, but all will be abck to normal by the weekend.. Good thigns though Warren and Hannah are here i nthe City being tourists and taking in what this wonderful City has to offer. Good times indeed, AT arrives on Sunday for more of the same, should be splendid, but right now I hardly have any time.. Trying to be with my friends, train, ride and then with the hectic work schedule, it's quite intense.. But I'm managing, and things will be back to normal soon!

Anyway, in the style of my man RB.com a little photo update. Big!

A weekend back in the Poconos <3


City folk getting some fresh air, whatever that is.

Yeah, haters gonna hate.

I can't paddle for shit.

Fall, I love you.

My first pumkin - stoked!

W&H and a banana ride the subway to get the mash up on.

Hannah worked this look HARD! The helmet was exceptional.

Dani and Carlitos

Kill Bill sans the famous banana from the famous scene.

It's bigger than hip hop in the NYC Halloween parade.

So, i'll be back on it properly soon! Good things Fam, peace peace x x x

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leccyt said...

extra LOLs at the three of you sat on the subway