Tuesday, 30 November 2010

No thanks to Thanksgiving?

Yo Yo!

It has been an eventful and exciting couple of weeks here, the weather still isn't too desperate, being kind enough to allow for shreds at the weekend and riding around town.. But the snow is on its way, definitely! Last weekend I went to hit my usual spot in Cunningham Park, Queens. It's good for a few hours and it gets looked after reasonably well, so the journey always results in getting some amount of time on the bike, this weekend though I met a couple of dudes that were down for shredding the entire day, it was good times, it's always nice to meet new people and even better when you get along and they then invite you out to their secret spot just outside of the city limits. I wasn't going to sleep on it, a very short ride out on the Long Island rail Road the next day put me and my buddy Matt out near Port Washington on the Northern most part of the Island. We met up with Oscar in his 1983 Pegeuot and took the ride to his spot, they are called Keyko, heres a video shot from last fall and summer I think, some of these trails were massive, not all the lines were running but the mainline was up and some slightly smaller lines were running smooth as well.

'Keyko' section from SuperBmx's 'Live for Today' from Superfly on Vimeo.

We got there around lunch time and got straight in to it, the spot was awesome, however, it definitely hadn't been ridden in a few weeks. We had to rake out some leaves, smooth out dome transitions and landings and we were on our way. It was an amazing day, I got some good pictures, and Oscar took some good ones too, I'll try and upload them later on, but it was one of the best trail days I've had this year. Trails aren't trails unless there are berms, and here the berms and crossovers are plentiful. They were downhill, fast, smooth and pretty big, I loved it and I hope to try and reach it again before things get too frosty over there.

Back to reality like a bang on Monday though, as is standard procedure, but it was all good, it being Thanksgijng meant a short 3 day week was on the cards. Daniella, Carlos, Markos and myself took a car and roadtripped up to Canada, stopping in Montreal for a couple of days and then Ottawa before heading back. It was an amazing trip filled with good people, good food, a few drinks, seeing the sights and just relaxing a little. I really do enjoy being in Canada, especially Montreal, it has a very European feel to it, and not just because its the French Quarter, I mean the Architecture, the food, the attitude of the people, it's laidback and I always have a great time when I pass through. I am yet to get west but I feel Vancouver would suit me down to the ground, plus it doesn't get so damn cold! -12 degrees it dropped to, plus the wind chill, brutal just about covers it.

Heading back to the US was nothing short of miserable though, the drive seemed to take forever, we were all exhausted, and then I managed to leave my landing card at home, cue getting shouted at (literally) by some lunatic from Homeland security, then being interviewed by an Immigration Officer as to who I was, my business in the US and all the rest of it. Fortunately the Officer interviewing me was much more pleasant, and really quite nice about it all, we were soon back on our way, issued with a new I-94 and a little less love for the United states, I ain't mad at ya though!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip to Canada, I took some good pictures, but most of the activities were at night and I didn't lug my camera around with me.

I have booked my flight home to the UK back on the 24th for a 5 day short but sweet trip. Very excited to be going home, seeing the Fam and eating lots of good food! Just over 3 weeks away!

Have a listen to this, Jacques Greene was on fire when I saw him back in August and this tune was one of the biggest of the night for me. Definitely be scooping this on release date! a beautiful video too. Big.

Jacques Greene - The Look from LuckyMe on Vimeo.

Pictures to come!

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