Friday, 19 November 2010


Before I share some pictures that I'm really happy with from the last few weeks (I really do love my new camera!) I'd like you to put on some headphones, and listen to this short mix showcasing the music from the beautiful most recent album from Bonobo. Black Sands. If you haven't got 11 minutes, find it.

  Bonobo 'Black Sands' Album Mini Mix by Ninja Tune & Big Dada

AT Awaiting to shred in Cunny Park, Queens NYC. Good times

Shreds, AT on a borrowed bike, that was still too small for him, but he ain't feared!

Myself shot by AT

Thanks AT, this ones a banger!

Bolehills Forever. You heard.

The one like AT.
Shot by Big W about to score at inner tube water polo, UST!

The get owned.

RB and Fera, hooking in with myself, AT, Big W and Hannah, Skype, you amaze me.
Oye! Gracias Chiquita hermosa!

D and H hotcakes. Simple, but effective.

The sun setting over Long Beach on a beautiful November day.

The desolate boardwalk, go back a couple months you couldn't move on here.

Big W fresh outta the wave.


The wave was cooking!

Hannah wondering if she left the gas on..

What a dude. Standard.
Street satisfaction.
Hannah in Williamsburg Brooklyn, November 2010.

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