Thursday, 18 November 2010

T'Update for thee Cocker!

Woof, been a bit since a the last update. It's been a wonderful few weeks, having had Warren and Hannah here and then Alec was a treat. we were blessed with fantastic weather for just about every day, some good parties, getting in the wave, shredding the whips over the recently built up Cunningham Park with AT, going exploring through the City, taking some sweet pictures on my new photobox, enjoying some amazing food, getting funky to pure B-Side, taking to the ice and busting out some pirouettes. Spending time with Alec and his family in the Heights. AT's cousin Seth is a band called the Fancy Shapes Check out these guys if you have a minute, proper feel good summer vibes on this one! We were in Prospect Park watching Seth's lad Theo play football and this dude walked by on the other side of the fence and screamed "The Fancy Shapes - YEEAAAH!" I felt like a bit of a rock star for a moment stood there next to him.. Funny stuff

We rolled out to Brooklyn Bowl one night after getting mashed up at Dave's house cocktail bar on jalapeno tequila.. For the record, if anyone ever offers you homemade jalapeno tequila, and he's from Dartford, and called Dave, don't take it. AT woke up in an unfamiliar bed, on the other side of town with a diagonally sleeping female, with a stomach feeling like it was performing the Samba. You have been warned.

The taxi there was a delight too, it was some massive Ford SUV with more subwoofers than cylinders, spinners for dayyyzzz and the worst iPod selection ever. It randomly selected a Pink Floyd song, which didn't really suit the cars look, or audio setup, it sounded as though we were heading into battle.. AT screaming "take cover" from the rear almost had me piss myself. Daft Punk was a little better and got me in the funky mood.

Lots of clapping. Standard.

The night was a complete success, we heared DJ's Ge-Ology and Amir spinning very, very beautiful and rare funk, soul and hip hop selections, we danced until the very early hours, played some bowling in-between, got funky, drank some more and enjoyed the vibes. Absolutely banging.

Eyes like piss holes in the snow.

I also got to meet (finally) Dani's beautiful nephew, Santiago. He is a 2 month old legend and made me feel very warm and fuzzy.. Oh no. I took a beautiful picture which I'll bang up in the photo edition later. Canon 50mm f.1.8 never, ever fails...

I have slacked a little on the training thing, but still getting to Frenchies about twice a week, I aim to get there 3 times a week through the Winter and get on the yoga at least once a week too, to keep limber. Racing has been super quiet and probably will be for a while now. The indoor in upstate NY is open though and I plan to try and reach that once a month, bust out some gates and stay fresh. there is talk in ,y Latin conenct of heading down to Florida for one of their state races in January, which would be amazing.. and warm! I don't want a repeat of last year, I rode my BMX in November just once, then it began snowing and I went to France feeling like I had never ride a bike before in my life. I can't be rolling like that in oh-eleven son!

Work has finally chilled a little which is grand, it was becoming a bit all consuming and that's no fun. I took a couple days off to shred with AT before he jet-setted back to the UK, and next weekend is Thanksgiving so Dani and I, Carlitos and Marcus are heading up to Canada for a roadtrip of roadtrips, taking in Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal, it will be epic, and I cannot wait. Good food, drinks adventures and a chance to absolutely rinse the camera, I have ordered a new memory card just for the occasion!

I don't have any pictures here at work of the recent weeks, so I'll get them uploaded tonight in a special photo-edition., I expect your critiques by the morning.

In other news, I helped the Arup Team put together an idea for this years CAN:Struction event. The point is to build some sort of structure just from cans of food. The structures stand in place for a couple of weeks before the cans are all donated to soup kitchen across the City. The Arup structure was made from just over 3000 cans and will be donated to the City and will potentially feed 1700 New Yorkers. I created the original concept and helped work out how to make it look like it stood "off" the wall. I feel honoured to have been a part of it. It made it onto the CNN website here. Bless! It certainly wasn't the best but it's always good to be a part of something like this. My personal favourite was the Tomato Tornado.

It has been an amazing few weeks, it feels a little sad that its all come to an end. but I have thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to, both are just around the corner and I plan on being home for just under a week, seeing my family, enjoying their company, the food and Christmas vibes will be wonderful.

Photos up later!

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