Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2 Toucans.. Just walking...

A kinda quiet, yet unbelievably expensive weekend was had, I booked my air fare to France for the oh'11 BMX Roadtrip in the South of France at the end of February. One of the best weeks of BMX you could ever wish for. So excited. but I do wish Easyjet had a NYC route to France.. Ouch.

I also re-wired the place for sound, I found an amazing deal on some speakers from one of Lady Gaga's ex-producers.. Yeah, I'm rolling with the big dogs! I got chatting to a guy who was selling some speakers and then we got into talking about music and artists we're feeling (neither of us mentioned the Lady Gaga thing again), and he told me about his studios he had setup, before I knew it I had bagged his studio monitors, TV, his speaker stands, his wiring and a +1 to some A-List club where he was DJing later this week. All for next to nothing. Terribly nice chap.

Love a bargain. My neighbours won't be feeling it as much as me though.

I haven't had a TV in almost a year, so whenever I go to Daniella's she says its like I have never seen one before in my life, sat there, breathing through my mouth, dribbling, transfixed to a commercial about a lite beer or something. I'm not gonna have cable though its purely to link my computer through so I can watch Sipowicz in 32" high def! That's all, I'm not falling for the trap of paying 30 bucks a month to watch re-runs of Grays Anatomy and The Simpsons.

So the weekend was chill, I had to work the Saturday, but I caught up with friends, trained on the bike and at Frenchie's, had a couple of nice dinners with Daniella and some beverages with the mandem watching the Jets vs. Pats game on Sunday, I literally have no idea whats going on in American Football, it's a mystery. But a good time nonetheless.

I finally got to see Ricky Gervais's latest live performance - Science. Absolutely incredible, if you haven't seen it and have time to spare, watch the below snippet, it is perhaps the greatest slice of comedy I have seen in a long time. Fuck off Wicked!! If you haven't seen it, give it a watch.

Straight to genocide!

This week will be manic at work getting everything wrapped up before the snowboard trip this weekend to Vermont, which I am absolutely pumped on! Hopefully I'll not break myself in trying to keep up with my far more competent friends.

Have a listen to this incredible remix from Jamie XX of the Adele tune, rolling in the deep. Heavy.

Have a great week!

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