Thursday, 20 January 2011


I have been riding bikes for a decent amount of years now, and even though I am getting older, I still feel as competitive, if not more competitive, to get stronger, to race harder, go higher, develop more skills and keep on having fun. I love BMX and everything it has afforded me, I owe it for so much.

But I gotta be repping the right bike. I have been blessed in that I have shredded, what are, in my opinion 3 of the best bicycle manufacturers in the BMX game. Dialled Bikes, S&M Bicycles and more recently, Standard. My ride right now is a Standard 125r, its perfect for me, tough, clean and you know it will take a hit for you. Standard has a strong ethos and belief, to build the best and support the riders that choose them.

This year, I was approached by TM Kevin McDonald to represent Standard Army's North East Squad. An opportunity I am psyched about! Follow the link here to read a little more about the team, and the riders. Good things!

Standard Army North East Squad on Selective BMX

This weekend I'm off to Vermont to hit the slopes for some more snowboarding, heading to Stowe, which is considered one of the best on the East Coast. It's gonna be a treat! I'm taking my photobox too, to hopefully be inspired by the beauty, the mountains and the air. Have a good one! and I'll see you on the other side!

Peace peace x x

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