Monday, 24 January 2011

Get Stowe'ked!

So fresh, so clean.
This weekend was an absolute gem, it was the work organised ski trip to stowe, Vermont. Stowe is considered one of the best skiing/snowboarding resorts on the East Coast, and for good reason, the Appalachian Mountains provide a huge elevation of almost 5000 feet, the snow comes thick and fast, and the temperatures allowed the conditions to remain powdery and avoid the dreaded East Coast Ice Curse. I haven't got that much experience in riding, actually this was my 4th time getting out on a board, but I feel the setting, the snow, the conditions and the friends I rode with brought everything together. something clicked this weekend and it felt so good!
At the summit of Mt. Mansfield, Stowe, Vermont January 2011

Heading up the Gondola Day 2. Good Times!
Iced out max!
We got up nice and early on the Saturday and had a big breakfast down at the lodge, amazing pancakes and poched eggs, and fresh hot coffee, I was so ready! We were on the mountain for about 8am, and it was absolutely stunning, a beautiful part of the country and I fell in love with Vermont. The resort has about 40 runs and I think we managed to get through about 15 or so of them over the 2 days, and I progressed a lot, keeping up and riding as well as people that have been riding for years, which I felt good about (on the inside). I guess some skills and perhaps the confidence from riding is transferable. For my 4th time ever snowboarding I was so happy. I also think training helps a lot too, as you can get up and keep trying and trying, rather than just laying there, hurting, exhausted.. Anyway, I had a lot of fun, didn’t get hurt too much, just a few knocks and bangs here and there, but enjoyed every second. We got almost 20 runs in and some of the blue trails are almost 4 miles long, dropping a few thousand feet, incredible.
Heading up the Quad Day 1.. What a Beaut!

Dun test!
I was a wreck Saturday night, so after a swim, some time in the hot tub and sauna followed by a few beers and dinner, it was time for bed. EZ and myself hit the sack but the other 2 headed out to see what Stowe offered the night owls.. I missed out on 2 of my buddies getting hired by a Bachelorette party as strippers (not the full Monty - phew) then going off with another group until about 5am.. Ouch. I'm kinda glad I didn't stick around for that, I had shreds to get the most of on the Sunday!
A nutritionally balanced fridge.

On the second day the temperature plummeted to almost -25f, -40f in the wind chill, and that is where the scales cross so -40f is equivalent to -40c, it was brutal, you could throw water into the air and it would freeze on the way down, the good thing was the snow felt even better, and it kept a lot of people away. In fact the first few runs EZ-Mac and myself had it to ourselves. I said to EZ at the bottom if I only got those 3 runs that day I’d have been satisfied. incredible, no falls, carving the hill and going faster and faster on each run. It was a shorter day as we had to get back and leave for NY at 4pm, so we managed to get about 10 or so runs in. But I was about done by then!

Damn... That's cold!
I do think it’s something that if you get better at you can do for the rest of your life, its relatively low impact so when my back gives out completely and I can’t race BMX anymore I can look forward to winter sports a bit more!

An absolutely stunning weekend, I kinda wish it would never have ended. I'm takign a few days off to recover and then into the Frenchie thing, get back on the bike, get some sprint work down and get ready for France 0h'11 roadtrip.. I'm all paid up and so psyched to get out there with the Worlds best BMX Family, Sheffield and Norwich represent! Big things!

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