Monday, 10 January 2011

One for the family album

I had an amazing Christmas back home with the family, and I wanted to try and capture us together enjoying the day. We were never the type of family that would have a family portrait hung above the faux-fireplace, you know the kind, with the off centre angle, the bleached out white background, the forced smiles, mutually, I think we all hate that kind of thing. But still, there needs to be at least some pictures, and me, armed with my new camera and flash became a nuisance, like a fly buzzing around the room in the dead of night, bumping into the window before lazily re-taking flight for another circle of lunacy about the room. I think I did well to annoy the family, but I don't care, these pictures are for me, to remember a lovely time together and to at last have a collection of images of the most important people in my life.





Christmas dinner at the Walton's

I fired this off by accident, and for some reason really like it, so in it goes.

Just look at him with all that technology, updating his status for the fans.

The worlds most photogenic cat, he loves it.


Getting ready to mold in a game of Rapidough

never a dull moment when Lauren's in charge..

A comedic combo if ever there was one.

eyes down..

A master curator of the Turkey Sandwich.

The turkey went to every bodies head

Nice welcome back to JFK. Find your bag sucker..
On the AirTrain heading back towards the City, I caught the sunrise behind a steam outlet. Not the Apocalypse.

A couple of pictures for me to look back on here and remember a lovely few days at home with the Fam. Good times indeed. More pictures to come from the NYE party and this weekends adventures snowboarding at Windham mountain, good times!

Good things, peace peace x

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