Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well, 2011 is upon us and it's already shaping up quite nicely. I wish each and everyone of you that may stumble upon this all the best for 2011, do your thing and fulfill your dreams and aspirations. I'll try my hardest to set this year apart and achieve bigger and better things than the last.

I don't have any resolutions, as I don't have many vices, but one thing that I will continue to do and improve on, is stay in touch and speak with those close to me as much as possible. It's all too easy to be away from friends and family and not get in touch, but there really is no excuse, a phone call, a text message, facebook, this blog and my friends blogs are all there in an instant, there is no excuse for not knowing what's up!

Christmas and New Years were amazing, I got extremely lucky with my flights and came close to not getting back home to London with the snowstorms, and then again with the huge Boxing Day blizzard in the tri-state area, almost didn't make it back to NYC. Phew.

2 amazing short videos during and after the storm here. My preferred is the Idiot with a Tripod. Amazing cinematography, I must have watched it 20 times and the second one is a short of Downtown Manahattan, the score fit beautifully to the images. I hope you enjoy.

New York City December 27th 2010 from B. Kim on Vimeo.

The trip home was short, but sweet, a lot of friends are away, like AT, commanding the high seas in bermuda shorts and tanning oils. Working angles on buff Nurses and drinking dark and stormys, he came through on NYE and it was amazing to hear from you man, keep living the dream and doing what you do! and Fera are in the Mountains of France, they have found their calling as Chalet Hosts and ski guides, and I believe some of his best work has materialised since being there, just check his photo blog and see for yourselves. incredible stuff from him, and just check out some of Fera's food! The 51JR crew all qwent their seperate ways over the holidays too so I stayed in and around the south for the holidays, and it was perfect. Quality time with the family and my friends nearby, catching up with soon to be millionaire Will and the Essex cats, and my old friends from long time Rich and Nick, all making lives for themselves and doing things they love. I also caught up with Hannah and Becca, 2 friends I haven't seen in years and it was amazing. Becca runs a tattoo studio in Hornchurch called Jayne Doe, and it unique in many ways, it is somewhere you should drop in on if ever in the area. Her work is incredible, I have never been that psyched on getting ink, but after seeing some of Becca's work and just being in her studio for the day, I feel a little different, I would love to have some work done by her one day. Christmas was wonderful, time with the family was perfect, we ate lots, had drinks, caught up, watched some good old British TV and played games, all things Christmas should be. I loved every moment.

I made it back just after the blizzard and the journey back, although long, went smoothly, a 10 hour layover in Boston's Logan airport was slightly miserable, but NYPD blue and a Jonathon Lethem novel kept me fully entertained for the duration, the 40 minute flight from Boston to NYC the following morning went by in the blink of an eye, I think I fell asleep before the safety announcements were made, lovely.

From the plane, to the subway to my desk. Not the transition I'd recommend. There in body but not in mind.

But it was only fora day for another long weekend awaited and the party at our place had to be sorted and locked off! It went well and wouldn't have been what it was if it hadn't been for Daniella, my amazing friends, Eric on the decks spinning some amazing music all night long, lighting provided by his beautiful girlfriend Jeni, and just good peoples, good food and drinks. We had about 30 people in the dance and I had a blast, my good buddy Chad of powersbikeshop and his wonderful girl Jeniffer (Odetta Dangerfield) came up from VA, and it was grand to have them in the place, check out her work, she'll be exhibiting some of her stuff over at Pratt in a couple of weeks, so I'll definitely be going along to that, an amazing person, with boundless talents with the brush strokes, see some of her work here.

A wonderful start to the New Year, and I hope 2011 brings you all much joy, happiness and good things!

Have a listen to, download and share this incredible mix by Jamie XX from The XX, amazing music, re-cut, remixed, slowed down, chopped up and re-laced together for 27 minutes of heaven, get on it!

Picture update soon and much love to all those!

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