Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Signing off for 2010...

Damn.. This year has been a bit of a blur, so many amazing experiences, meeting new people, seeing and experiencing new places and cultures. I've had it made. Loved every second of it, and really would love a few more repeats!

I head back to the UK tomorrow for 5 days, short but sweet, some serious family time, that's what Christmas is all about. Hang with some of my Essex connect, maybe light up Fabric on Boxing Day night for FWD>>?? That could be a big one, if I get the heads involved!

Last week here has been good, work was alright, Frenchies, hot yoga, good rides in the chilled air and we had a do at our place, just a few friends, some big tunes, nuff food and drink and NUFF street parking. It was a delight, good to have a gathering thing at our place at last.. Only took us 6 months?! For New Years we're going in big, pulling out all the stops, a big system, more food, more drink and good times.. Could be a bit of a roadblock. The system my boy Eric and I are planning will blow the doors out the frame and rattle the buildings silverwares.. Should be banging! A year of noise from those bastards, we shall make up for in 1 night!

Anyway, in the theme of my man Just a few snaps from late!

See you in a bit UK, JFK to LHR that's how we do!

This pleases me..

Looking out from Ali's rooftop in Dumbo, onto some Island.

Nancy, my numero uno

LDN - SFD - NYC. Standard.

we were friends...

then we were not..

dun get it twisted

My boy Dave, 11 years of friendship, madness!

Gotta be done!

Merry Christmas, good health, good times and much love out to all those!

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