Monday, 14 February 2011

Do not feed the Bears

Yesterday I went to the American Natural History Museum, and thought it fantastic. After a delicious breakfast with Dani at one of our old fave spots, Fred's on the Upper West Side we walked down to get our heads stuffed with rich history of the world America and assortments of bones and taxidermy and waxed giant mammals from land and sea. Not to mention headpieces from Daniella's people. It was a pretty amazing place, and it contains an enourmous collection, has many exhibitions, including the Journey to the Stars planterium which is just good vibes through and through. Cosmic.

I loved it, but my favourite exhibitions were the dinosaurs and sea mammals collection, the giant whale suspended from the ceiling was a beast, and it makes you realse how small and insignificant we are as humans (individually I mean, together we have enough manpower to basically ruin everything).

Good times and I feel enriched with knowledge.

What you looking at?

Just hangin' out.

T-Rex - Massive head, shit arms.
This crystal from a Chinese coal mine blew my mind. Now I know where the producers of superman got the idea of kryptonite from.
Simply amazing
The 10mm couldn't even get all of this Brachiosaurus

Digesting all of that rich history. Or the hot-dawg.
Evil Empire?
This ones for my man RB. He loves it.

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