Thursday, 10 February 2011

Train Spotting

I haven't gone as far as actually taking out my notebook and noting the car numbers just yet, but I do enjoy the rawness of the NYC Subway system, there are photo opportunities everywhere you look. I have seen some incredible pictures on the internet of the New York City Subway, and one that always stuck in my mind was this one:

A guy called Mr. Geneko on flickr took it, and although there is a subtle use of HDR which i'm not a fan of, its an amazing picture that I wish I had caught. It seems the Number 7 Train is one of the more photogenic, from the train yard where the above picture was taken in Queens, over the tall behemoth overground structures that course through Queens and then submerge beneath the East River into Manhattan.

My ride to work takes me over the Williamsburg Bridge, and its one of the more utilitarian bridges of the City, serving, pedestrians, cyclists, the JMZ subway and of course the cars.

It was a beautifully crisp morning so I took along the camera and caught a couple of pictures which I like. 

Not much to report, it's been busy in work on this new project, been training hard, cooking a lot at home, and spending good times with Dani. I had a great chat with 1st mate, marine Engineer Alec Townley, which is always a pleasure, and I'm super excited for the France roadtrip in a couple of weeks with the UK BMX Fam. Good times ahead for sure.

Be swell to hear from you! x

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