Monday, 7 February 2011

Turn the Page, Close the Book.

The first Streets tune I ever heard was Turn the Page, I was stood in Fopp, on Division Street in Sheffield, a new, independent record shop (remember those?) and over the system was this 2-step garage beat and this voice, kinda just talking, it was the first time I ever went up to the front and asked them who I was listening too, sort of stood there, transfixed a little bit, the melancholic tones, the honesty, the beat, the bass, it was amazing, I bought the CD and went home and put it on, as loud as my JVC system would allow and banged it. It did take me a while to warm to it, but once I had, it grew on me, and grew.

Today, The Streets, Mike Skinner, released his 5th and final LP Computers and Blues, and it has been a day of listening over and over to it, and I haven't even really started, it's incredible, some touches of the old style, but with less of the geezer anecdotes, and more about getting older, the responsibilities, life changing moments, but with many a tip to the old school, I shan't grow tired of this anytime soon.

Also today he released one more free tune, his final. Close the Book.

  The Streets - Close The Book by Hypetrak

A melancholic banger.

Weekend was overly sick, shredding on Saturday at Windham Mountain, did my first few jumps, didn't stop all day and I loved it.  Saturday night me and D hit the karaoke with some friends, I spat straight old school hip hop bars all night, and the girls went in on the ballads. Good times. Sunday was a straight up relax, I got up at 10 had breakfast with Dani, walked to work, busted it for a couple of hours (bleugh) trained, did groceries, ate, tackled my laundry and all that jazz. Later I rode back into the city to catch a free showing of this movie..

Heavy, a little bit patronising at times, but visually it was stunning, the score was amazing, and carries with it a very important message. Well worth seeing.

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