Monday, 7 March 2011


As previously mentioned, Greg Gilson is somewhat of a hero of our group, but I just read on Joey's Gough's Blog a short message he forwarded to her..

"I just finish to looking the 2010 road trip Edit. Joey your work is awesome. Last year when I see that, I have a big Pleasure, and now with the 2011 edit is the same. Every year when I see your work I tell me " I make the most beautiful sport in the world " but I tell me too " this group are very Lucky to have this spirit ". "Living the dream" no, you create the dream !! For me your group is the better group ever for pass a week in every place in the world !!! And french people must be look into you. So YOU ARE MY HEROES ! ALL the person in this group are my hero. So Please come next year and all the year !!! And the south is magic only in the february !! Only when Thirty peoples come with BMX and beers bottles !!! "

Thanks for Sharing Joey, and Thank You Greg for being one of the raddest and most welcoming people I have ever met in BMX!

Roll on 2012 Olympic Tour!

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