Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Your man in the field..

France oh’11  Roadtrip in Review. Standard.

Picture : Rich Auden
I have shared most of the links already, but here's one more treat, one of the guys on the trip Rich Auden is an absolute don with the photobox, and he took some incredible pictures which he has shared on his Flickr, go ahead and check them out here

Nuff heads on this one, more so than I can recount, but most of the classics were there, we missed Tuffy, Charnley and the man like RB.com. But nonetheless, the group was ram-jammed. The TO’s must have felt like their tracks were being invaded by the English..  So many laughs, so many miles, so many absolute huge moments, so many people pushing their limits and sending things they perhaps wouldn’t normally have done without the vibe an the excitement of everyone on the trip pushing them to go big and make it happen.

There is something inspiring about being with friends, in the sunshine, on demanding tracks, always a winning combination.

This was year 9 for the trip, and my 7th, next year is the Olympic Trip, the 10 year anniversary and wild horses wont stop me.

I have uploaded all the pictures to the GoodBook and also on Flickr, all the links are in the previous posts. I hope you enjoy them!

Too many moments to write about really, hopefully the pictures and the videos will do the talking, I have put a few choice cuts on here. Standout moments and riders were Abbie Taylor ramping some big stuff and making it look easy, Jonny Rankin, for pretty much everything he did/said/tobogganed. Manon for being Rad. Billy and Scott’s boundless energy, and the amazing way in which they push each other so hard.  Plus Billy’s tables were just too much!! Paddy looking the best I have seen him in a few years, Moonbay for being the funniest, nicest bloke in BMX, and still being rad and smooth with it.

AT for shredding all day, and hard with it, for his flatties and for being perhaps the happiest man I know..  No one has a laugh as infectious. Always a pleasure to ride and hang with you AT, your spirit glows and always takes me to a good place, see you soon fam.

Sheldon for being mental. Neil and Pete for being the best backseat passengers I could have shared with and also pushing their limits and doing stuff I bet neither thought they would have done before the trip. Amazing guys. Rich Auden the man with the Photo skills on this one and a send it style, he went big and represented the streets on this one, so much pop! Scoobs and Joey for being the raddest couple in BMX, sending shit all day, laying it flat, La Boshe. Foster little and large for the laughs, the beers, the comedy moments and for inspiring me in other ways, your relationship is amazing and I hope I can be rad like Fozzy when I’m a Dad and older, and have a son or daughter that boosts pro sections. Amazing.

Jordan was back on it and shredding, he never let up and always pulled something out of the bag, and normally right out of the van, and all of this between telling the funniest stories that would shock a pimp. Comedy gold for sure.  Jessop for his moodiness and surliness, but for being the strongest man in BMX and always going for it. Power for days.

Jay Mills is the man, he always goes for it, always smiling and always gives off the most positive vibe, I love riding with him. Tricker was back after a bad leg injury and found his feet in about 10 minutes, laying it out flat and snapping most people at Montelimar. Smithy was there and although I feel she has lost the love of racing , she loves BMX and the family that comes with it, always an absolute pleasure to ride with her, some of the best one liners in BMX. Marco came through fresh from his win at Caen, and tore it up, took a tow into the Carpentras pro section and ramped it first go, no questions, the guy hauls, always has a story, and is one of the biggest ballers of the game.

Rich Eames and my new buddy Carl Lein my new buddy repped the cruiser riders that pushed their limits and always went for it when the cameras were out of their hands and zoomed in on them, I look forward to seeing their work, and hearing their write ups in the coming weeks. Great riding with you fellas!

Greg Gilson is just amazing, one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure to meet and one of the raddest dudes out there, he is sincere in his kindness and generosity, severe on his bike and is always smiling. He told us he looks forward to us coming to his ride with him all year, as it reminds him of what BMX should be all about, fun, and smiles. Less of the seriousness. I think that alone reflects our group, our spirit and the trips vibe.

Like I said there were too many people to mention everyone, but collectively this was an amazing trip, so many personalities, so many styles, so many different people of all ages, so many goals, but all there for the same thing – BMX.

For me, this was one of the best trips I have ever had from so many angles, it was amazing to see people I hadn’t seen in a year or more, to laugh with friends, and ride my bike in one of the greatest places on earth for BMX. I hit a lot of stuff I don’t think I would have done last year, or for a few years before that, I felt fast and strong, it was one of the most inspiring tours for me yet. Gutted its all over but I’ll re-live it though the pictures and the memories for some time yet..

Picture : Rich Auden
An amazing week, with the best company, the best riding, the weather, the welcoming French who open their tracks for 30+ people with no issues mostly. I wait all year for this trip and cannot wait for the next one. Big love to all those on the trip, or from those from trips past, you know what’s up, and thanks for the memories.

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