Monday, 7 March 2011

Oh'11 BMX Roadtrip.

The Full Photo Collection is Live right on Flickr : Oh'll

I'll go as far as to say this was one of the best trips for me on so any levels, I pushed myself and rode hard every day, I hit some stuff I don't think previously I would have, I felt strong on my bike, I laughed the hardest I think I have in years and was without injury, bike damage or travel drama. I loved every single moment of the trip, and the vibe was fantastic. It's hard to explain what the trip is like, but Gregory Gilson, a French rider out of Carpentras who we've all become quite close too said it best, we were sessioning his amazing track and riding late into the night under the floodlights, when he said to Alec and I that he looks forward to our visit every year and for him its the best time for him to ride, it reminds him of when he was younger and rode with his best friend who now lives in the North of France. The riders of his club take things very seriously and Greg is a good time rider for sure, you only have to see him ride or watch his videos on Youtube to know that. Greg summed up the roadtrip there I think, the vibe, the positivity, the fun we all have, that's what BMX is all about.

The Familia

It's expensive and exhausting for me to get there, but it is worth every single penny.

Of course it wouldn't be a France Roadtrip without the quality joey Gough web edit we've all come to know and love - great work Bestie!

Living the Dream - France 2011 from joeybmx on Vimeo.

A few choice cuts up next and I'll have a little write up ready this evening.

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