Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Pottstown is one of my favourites on the national circuit, its short, fast, tech and always provides good racing in all the classes. This national was pretty huge with over 200 motos both days, loads of people came out for this one and I was loving the stacked out classes. It's always a good time at the races, catching up with my US BMX family and shooting the breeze. I managed to ride well, making mains both days and finishing 4th and 5th over the 2 days. Sundays main was a huge mess down the first straight with a couple of people being a bit naughty and cutting over, I managed to stay up somehow, but it definitely cost me a better spot in the main.. Still reppin' the flats and keeping it real..

No. 23 on the inside, flat pedal thunder! Just not as much thunder as Pat Parker on the 4 plate..

After Sundays racing we went and shredded Evan Eisenhard's trails in PA and they were super sweet, nice tech sets, lots of turns, hips and transfers, the big line was pretty sick, but wasn't quite riding, I'm hoping on getting back there and seeing what's up sooner rather than later. Thanks for having us man!

I'm planning on hitting 5 or 6 more national weekends including South Park PA, Kingston NY, Hampton VA and an ABA in SoCal if I can put the bills together as well as some locals, Feeling stoked on my bike right now!

Stay on top Fam!

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