Tuesday, 7 June 2011

TMSV - Dem a Talk

This tune is tooo heavy, Mala dropped it on the XLR8r podcast last week and it was definitely one of the highlights for me a heavy tune mixed in and out of equally massive dubs.. He is playing at Cielo here in NYC in 2 weeks, Mala, on that soundsystem.. It's going to be too much! That one has been penned in for sure!

I've had a busy couple of weeks here what with moving in to the new apartment and getting settled, racing the Pottstown National which was a heavy heavy weekend, keeping up the training, shredding the trails and finally catching a break with the weather! It's been sweet here lately, and there is nothing like riding the trails in the shade of the forest on a hot summery day, it makes me happy. Next weekend there are 2 races and I'm not sure what one I'll get to as of yet, one is close, but the track is kinda weak and one is far away in Virginia Beach, which is a mission, but the track and location are amazing.. I had better decide quickly.

Stay Frosty and much love and respect to you and yours!

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