Monday, 12 September 2011


A couple weeks back I headed home to good old Blighty to see family, friends and catch up on the lives of those I love and miss across the pond. It was a 4 day trip, with the main reason being getting home to see one of the old 51JR massive, Dave White, (aka cockmaster) get married. I headed back Thursday morning, the alarm sounding at 3:30am to rouse me from a 3 hour sleep, I just couldn't switch off my mind and felt as though a million things still had to be done, they didn't, I'm just a moron. So up and at em I was and on my way to the airport. Traveling was a breeze, I slept a little saw 2 sweet films and ate a few hearty airplane meals, they always leave me mad gassy though, that ish isn't cool! I land and my old man met me at the a airport, so good to see him, we drove back to Essex and have a good catch up in the car. Always nice to see my Dad and catch up face to face rather than over email or a text message or the phone. After a good talk in the car and catch up I headed back to my old family home and caught up with my Mum, we talked for 2 hours into the morning and it was great,a nice cuppa and nice to have some time to ourselves. I miss her a great deal, but a planned visit out to NYC in October isn't long away at all, so that'll be wonderful.

Friday morning I awoke to the thunderous footsteps of my ister running up the stairs screaming my name, my alarm hadn't gone off! We called up the Bro and headed over to his place, after he discussed his spider problem and made me smell his festering wetsuit we headed to lakeside and to cafe rouge. So good to sit down, eat good foo, catch up with them both, laugh and talk about the upcoming wedding and recent goings on. Always a good tme with the Fam. Afterwards I headed over to my good friend Becca's tattoo shop, Jayne Doe in Hornchurch. Her work just gets better and better and it was lovely to see her doing so well with everything, she has come so far. I have decided should I ever get a tattoo, or several, the first will have to be done at the hand of Becca. Later on in the evening I headed over to my mandem Nicks joint, we smashed badboy Indian food with kestla, jon, Dave, brad, Ricky Martin, the lovely Stacey, and Rich Shaw. Such a good night, full of randomness and catching up on old times, watching some golden videos of goings on from years back and crying until it hurt. So psyched to see them all in NYC. Just a few weeks.

Saturday am, I drove to Nottinghamshire for Dave Whites wedding, met the folks, catch up with old friends from the Sheffield connect, and laugh ourselves to tears, literally, tears. I haven't laughed that hard in I don't know how long. Brilliant. Such an amazing day, wonderful people, superb food, lots of drink, the Scottish Caley dancing, and the banter. So good, awesome to speak to OC as much as we did too, I don't speak enough to my boy, so it was awesome to talk late into the night. So happy for Dave and the beautiful Laura White, the boy done good. standard.

Sunday, up and at em early doors to drive to Warren and Hannahs new lovely house up in Fulwood in Sheffield, they've done so well, it's beautiful, meet the dogs Andy and Carlito, who had a savage quiff and the slender chic cat Milo. We hung there for a minute, caught up and ate a great breakfast before heading up to the sacred ground that is Bolehills. We met john and katy and have a mad hour on the track of the gods. So psyched to shred. Sacred ground, standard. And running so sweet. Good work Sheffield fam that are doing things.

I floored it back to LDN to meet my mum and fam for dinner, delicious food and lots of catching up, it was great. Good beng together and seeing the old girl and spending more time with her. I love seeing my sister and brother they always makes me laugh, and always have a funny story to tell. Ben's wedding in January will no doubt be filled with hilarity, I cannot wait!

Sunday I took it easy in the morning, walked around my old stomping ground and realized how little I missed that place, pretty depressing to be honest. Couldn't even get a good bacon sandwich. Poor. But coming back to the house and being in the garden and working on the bike did strike a chord with me, so many good memories in that house in that garden. And it felt good not traveling, not moving, not rushing.. I miss the serenity already.

Later on I went around to Chris and Jemmas new home, and met their beautiful baby daughter Sophie. Amazing, so happy and proud of all they have achieved, I haven't seen them since their wedding day in 2008, shame on me, but it was like I'd never been away, chris and I caught up quickly and were laughing and joking like it was yesterday we left school. Such a lovely afternoon.

Afterwards I went to meet Dad for dinner with the fam, and it was good to sit down and not rush through the food, we all had a good catch up, a laugh and joke, and enjoyed the good food and company. I was feeling pretty beat by this point, but my last chance saloon still awaited to meet the legendary Patten brothers and the one and only Will Schwar, can you feel it??!

Such a funny night, laughing again until it hurt and having a couple if drinks with some of the best people in the world. I loved every moment, reminiscing, telling story's of Vegas trips, NYC living, debauchery and scandal, so funny, my stomach still hurts now.

And now I'm back, it was such a short trip home, but I saw so many people, there were more I wanted to see and I'd have loved to have seen some of them for longer but wasn't to be.. Next time for sure. it won't be long until I'm back in the uk and I plan on fitting in as much and seeing as many grinds as possible again, I love my trips home, my friends and family so much, I always look forward to the trips.

Lots to look forward too in the coming months ahead, and i feel blessed and fortunate to have all these amazing people and experiences in my life.

Big in the game!

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