Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Amazing long weekend filled with beautiful Autumn weather, friends, Daniella, hiking the Appalachian Trail up to the summit of Bear Mountain, shredding the trails at Cunningham Park, training at Frenchies, roasting my first ever turkey and all the trimmings and not making a hash of it, making a new mix, seeing The Descendants Movie and absolutely loving it and not being in, near or thinking about work for 4 days. Brilliant.

Here is the sunset from Friday afternoon, I was making a mix when I noticed how red the room had become, I walked outside and was greeted with this, I grabbed my camera, headed to the roof and captured a few more images, it was astounding.

I will hopefully get my Flickr album up at some point with some of the other pictures I managed to get. The Canon 60D keeps blowing my mind.

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