Friday, 18 November 2011

#OWS N17 Day of Action NYC

Untitled by DC4416
Untitled a photo by DC4416 on Flickr.
Click the picture to go to the full album. This picture was shot moments after a brutal beating by Police of a young man, whose only crime was that of horseplay. The NYPD are thugs, bullies and the pack mentality is despicable. This cops face says it all, she doesn't want to be in this situation, surrounded by hundreds of peaceful, yet angry protestors, she knows what went off wasn't right. Her face tells the story better than me.

I lost faith in humankind, regained it, lost it again, but thankfully regained by the end of the 12 hour day on the streets with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We are the 99%.

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