Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mexico - Playa Del Carmen, December 2011

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope it brings you much happiness and you fulfill whatever it is you set out for.

December was a remarkable month, we had amazing weather allowing racing, shredding and being in shorts and t shirt up until my trip to Mexico.

I had a week long visit from none other than AT himself where we laughed until it hurt, ramped the incline club skatepark, ramped the trails, smashed four lokos, hit the clubs, wined and dined with friends and laughed some more, it was a great time.

After AT had left I had one of the toughest weeks at work in a long time staying until 1am almost every night. Bad times. It did allow me to take my mornings more casually though, putting in some laps at Prospect Park, hitting Frenchies and generally feeling a bit like I was self employed, just with loads of bullshit later on in the day.

I didn't mind too much though as I knew my trip to Mexico was upcoming and I wasn't far from that light at the end of the tunnel.

Mexico was an amazing time, spending time with daniella and her very kind and welcoming family. I had a wonderful time there, getting up early every day, running on the beach, sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner with her family, being in the water for hours on end, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling amongst the coral and the fish, drinking cold coconut water from an actual coconut, visiting chichen itza and other historical sites of interest, swimming in the Carribean Sea and just not thinking much about anythin at all. It was wonderful.

I bought a sombrero and on the last day hid out on the beach selling my wares and raking up seaweed for pesos. But Daniella spotted the ginger beard and I had to come home. I really didn't want to leave, thank you Mexico, and thank you to the Arbulus.

Back in work now, but again, not long until my next trip, home, to see my family and see my Brother get married. I'm very excited for him, and know it will be a good shindig. Daniella is coming with and will meet the rest of my family. then we shall see the sights of London and all it has to offer.. well, as much as we can in 2 days.

Exciting times.

Much love to you and yours for 2012!

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