Monday, 30 April 2007

Perfect Birthday Weekend!

Well Thursday was my last day at work last week, so i was looking forward to a few shandies on Thursday night with my brears! We hit up the student union which is always good for a laugh in attendance were Warren, Will, Alec, Ally, Oliver Cooper, Matt & Max.. After getting warmed up on cheap watered down beer and witnessing many students paraletic by 10pm, we were ready to walk down to the Plug. The plug on a Thursday is a bit indie, bit cheesey, and a bit of a pit, but nonetheless we were on form, throwing some big shapes on the dance floor and wooing the crowds with our unparallelled dance off skills..

A few gin and tonics would have you believe anything..

It was a funny night and it was cool to really catch up with Will its been too long bruv! I owed him a massive amount as he hoooked me up 27% off my new iMac which, i must add is amazing! Boo yar!

Friday rolled around and after a little lie in til about 10am i got up, freshened up, and got to grips with my iMac, i had some problems with it at first but they're sorted now, and i'd like to forget about them and MOVE ON! haha

Anyway its up and running and i'll be installing windoze on it later so i can run Autodesk product. Sorry Mac.

Lauren came round Friday night and we just chilled out, grabbed an Indian and had some wine. Saurday morning was in the area so i travelled up to get rad for him at the Bolehills for some pictures, he always takes incredible pictures and these were no exception. Check out his website Fresh skills.

After a couple of hours Lauren and I rushed home, got our stuff together and headed out to go-ape. I've never been before and it was wicked fun, its basically a tree top assault course, with big old zip lines, balancing wires, tarzan swings and stuff like that, you are always harnessed in, so its very safe, you'd have to be incredibly stupid or utterly negligent to fall off. The tarzan swing here had a 5 foot freefall which was pretty scary as you were jumpng off a platform 40 feet up in the trees, with nothing grabbing you for a second, its pretty nuts!

After go-ape Lauren and I were booked into Holmefield Guest House near Bakewell, it was real nice, the lady that owned it was very welcoming, she booked us into a nice Italian in Bakewell and it was very relaxing. In the height of passion i managed to destroy a pot-pourri pot, but i told her and she was alright, she probably picked it up for 50p down the flea market! It was a modernists worst nightmare!

Awesome breakfast on Sunday morning too! Then Lauren rushed off to play football but i had to go to the apple store in meadowhall (after-sales at Apple are incredible) and then rode to Bolehills and had an hour got the triple on the 3rd straight laid out - YES! All in all a wicked weekend, nice and varied, trying some new stuff, saw plenty of my brothers from other mothers and spent some good quality time with Lauren, it seems ages ago that we had any time to ourselves.

Thanks to everyone that i saw.. This weeks plan, eat healthy, get pysched, Cheddar is on!

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Wazza said...

Awesome! Sounds like the week turned out really well for you dude. Take it easy this week and save yourself for the race weekend.