Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Windy City

Man, its been rough round these parts recently! We had some okay weather at the weekend, rideable, but mad winds, making it really difficult to do too much. I ended up hitting gates at Mansfield on Saturday which turned out to be okay, if not a lot of hard work, then headed to Bolehills to get my flow on a bit afterward. I had my clips on for the first time and didn't feel too bad, although was ashamed at my "chopping wood" pedalling action. I have alot of clipped in experience from mountain bikes and my road bike, but i guess from a dead start out the gate its not as easy to make smooth circles, unless i'm on my flats! ;)

Sunday I had a bit of a dig, ride session at the Bolehills again, i do like the place, but we need to move on the changes, it won't happen on its own, but no one seems that bothered! :(

I'll be rocking the clipped in thing for a wee while seeing how it feels, i think i'll use them at Burnham and get a feel for the race scene with them on. Eak.

I have reserved my new bike, its awesome - peep it!

It's a Charge blender high and i should hopefully have it for April. My work have just gotten into that cycle 2 work program, so i had a £1000 limit to buy a bike to ride to work on, i'll carry on with the road bike to and from work, and maybe hit some 4X races on this bad boy! The savings (43%) are too good to turn down! :) I'm stoked! I just wish the shops in the program sold Dialled Bikes, i'd love one of the new holeshots.. Dang.

Anyway, turbo interval session now - i'm pumped!


Hoppy said...

quickest way i found to get used to clips; find a gradual hill that you can roll down with enough speed so you aren't pushing the cranks round, just following, and then hit another hill going up and try and keep that easy spin going. Have to concentrate super hard on technique and body position, cos you can lean back a little more clipped in and get more leg power directly on to the cranks. It worked well for me, but took a little while to get used to.
Cheers Hoppy

Richard said...

Dang!! Clip in? I know you have to to, be competitive but its such a shame. Still, if you've spent all winter building the engine there's no point driving around in 3rd gear is there? I'll be cheering you on regardless!