Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Don't let the pouring rain, temper you day by day..

In the words of the great Matt Pryor, one of the frontmen on The Get Up Kids, who I have been listening loads recently. I love the Get Up Kids, and i think i always will, somerthing purely simple and charming about their music, especially there older stuff. I hold close many fond memories listening to the Get Up Kids and associate it with many happy, and some sad parts of my life, the kids always provided the perfect soundtrack to my every mood.

The weather has been awful, it led to the cancellation of the Midland champs, so I went and rode my Charge in the Peaks at Sheep Skulls with G and Warren. Jim was also there, but he didn't ring us, so I'm not going to mention him.

We had some good runs and after i had a tire change up i felt much faster and more confident in the turns. I do love it up there! It drains very well as its super steep, and always provides grip and smiles.

Anyway after a few runs i guess i was getting cocky and hitting the kickers and having it more than usual, I went into the bonmbhole at the bottom of the course and was slightly too compressed and blew my foot off my pedal, it span back around and slammed my shin. Its been ages since I busted my shins up, and its a pain I was happy to forget! Damn! My shin is real tender and swollen and has 3 deep puncture wounds and some others. I can ride, however walking isn't pleasant. Getting out of bed in the morning is crippling!

Anyway I'm keeping it rested... Sort of. Last night Warren and I did our first session in the home gym, i did some light squats, working from 20 up to 55kg, just making sure my form was good. I plan on going heavy after the season has officially ended. Right now, slightly more explosive, lighter weight and high rep. It felt nice to squat even though my shin hurt. Also did some pull ups. It was cool to train and not feel any pressure.

Afterwards we watched NEVER BACK DOWN!! A super cheesey film, which was highly entertaining and was full of cliche and morals. Still, a good watch for sure!

Coppull this weekend, if the weather holds off, it will be a good weekend and i'm looking forward to seeing my Northern Brothers and riding my push bike.

Over and Out.

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