Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Sun Shines On the Righteous!

What a cool weekend, i wasn't entirely psyched for Coppull on the run up to the event, the weather had been awful, rumours went about that the surrounding area was totally water logged and i just had horrible images of the track in my head. But I was totally wrong, it was all good! The track was well groomed and was running mad fast, the jumps were moulded nice and the aptly named Chaos Corner was just awesome, i could have railed that bitch all day long! It was like a pump track on that bottom section, mint!

Anyway racing both days went well, there were only 13 riders on Saturday and 15 on Sunday so no semis, so Moto results counted. I managed to get 7 points on Saturday qualifying 4th and 6 points on Sunday qualifying 4th again. A couple of moto wins and holding my own. I just need to ride my main event like i race my motos. It's almost as if i back off in the final.

I do get frustrated, I can snap and pull, my track speed is good, so why do i get 2 6th place finishes?! Sure its a good result in 19+ but I have had better, and I just wish i could be more consistent, and podium more damn often.. Not just once a season - ha!

Anyway, the bike looked sick, i rode well and i went away happy and uninjured. Shouts to the fallen few Billy Fieldhouse, Scott Waterhouse and Tre Whyte took big ones and I hope you guys are all doing alright.

In other news, I think i need to do something else for a bit. At training tonight with Warren between squats we were chatting about Ultimate Fighting, or any fighting for that matter. A sport which demands you to switch on and be focussed, overcome nerves and hold it down, on the spot, no pussyfooting about, just a straight up ruck (in a controlled environment), where you gotta bring it, otherwise you'll get beat on. There aren't many sports where at the blow of a whistle, or a ding of a bell, or the call of the gate, demand instant focus, commitment and effort.

Racing bicycles and fighting both do.

No team to fall back on, no sitting at the top of the hill waiting to roll in before an attempt, just ding ding, let's go!

As i already race bicycles and let my head defeat me come the high pressure occasions, maybe doing some UFC-esque stuff may be what I need to regain confidence and belief in myself, or at least just have a hella good time and change things up for a bit. It's definitely something i'm going to look into.

Anyway, the nights are drawing in much faster, so a little bit of Bolehills here, a little bit of road/XC there, before the dark rolls in, then it'll be hectic training sessions, night rides, and who knows, maybe some fighting to pass the winter months.

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