Monday, 16 March 2009


What Up!

I have been beating myself up about not updating this, it has been a while and quite a lot has gone on. I'm really enjoying being in New York right now, i feel quite ucky that i have been able to make friends through work and cycling quite easily, and everyone has been very welcoming. They've all made it very easy.

Don't get me wrong, i miss home intensely, i miss my friends, and the luxuries (cheap luxuries) i was used to. I'll never take living in Sheffield for granted again!

Been quite busy with riding, the clocks have gone forward already here so i have been able to get a few sneaky aps in the park after work, and although it isn't the peak district, it is quite beautiful in there.

Training is going great, seeing some good gains, and feeling good, i have deadlifted over 160kg now, which feels incredible. I would love to dead 200. Thats my goal by next winter!

The BMX national circuit is coming up quickly in the UK, bummed that i'm not going to be a part of it, Derby has the first rounds and I think it'll be a fantastic race. Mad props to Lauren and the Derby lot for sorting it, gutted that i'm missing it. I'll be checking the vids and hustling the message boards for drama!

I did a skydive a couple of weekends ago, and I still think i'm on a bit of a high, jumping from a plane at 13500 feet is something i can't describe. It was the biggest rush of my life. No wonder people get addicted to it! It was a tandem jump, but you lead the way, you leap from the plane, and it feels like you're entirely alone. It was just before sunset so it was absolutely beautiful, it was so loud, my ears blew up, when the chute went up my balls got trapped in the harness and it killed me, but i've never felt so exhilarated in all my life. Something else. I will solo one day.

My jump partner Alison

Me, getting loaded and feeling a bit nervous! Sheeeeet!

The apartment hunt is ongoing, its so hard though, there are a million and one place listed daily and its like a needle in the haystack trying to find one. But alas, the crusade continues... Sigh..