Friday, 20 March 2009

Shoe box Sir?! Ooh, Suits you Sir!

The apartment hunt is killing me, the needles are becoming harder to find in the ever increasing in size haystack. It's breaking my balls!

I had decided to try and stay in Manhattan, close to the park if i could, its very nice up there and with the economy its relatively affordable (ha!) never will i complain at £250 a month rent again! I went to see a Studio Apartment tonight up on the west side at 91st and Broadway, a very nice part of town, 2 blocks from the park and a bout a 20 minute ride to work.

The apartment was a bedsit, but with a walk in wardrobe thing and a very small bathroom. A hot plate, a combi oven and the bed all in the same room, about 14x12 feet in total. The price i hear you ask? $1620 per month.

That isn't even a rip off, its considered cheap. I did think i'd be earning more than i am (paying almost 50% deductions on my paycheck to tax, NI, state tax etc..) so if i were to rent that apartment i'd not be left with very much each month..

However, it is furnished so i'd save money there, it is a good location, and it fits in with the date i have to be out of here..

I'll have to do the math and see what's what. I'm going to go home in debt, something i really didn't want to happen.. Gah!

Onwards and Upwards!

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