Wednesday, 29 April 2009



Sheesh, been hotter than Hades here in NYC the past few days, my birthday weekend I was blessed with beautiful weather, good people, good food, terrible singing (on my part), some bike time and perhaps a burnt shoulder or 2, some punching the air and sing along choruses, a couple of brewskis and a jolly good time! It felt very special.

I missed my UK mandam and Galdam enough though, and it didn't feel right even thinking about a glass (or bottle) of Calafornian Rose without my boys in tow.

But there will be bear serious catch ups when you roll here, or I roll back there, we'll throw it down. And NYC ain't ready!

A Few of us hit the kareoke tip on Friday night and I didn't think it was right that my normal rendition of New York New York by The Frank went down, so my opening track was Breathe by the Prodigy. You know, just to break it in gently eh?!

Murdered some death cab, some Queen, some Metallica, some Weezer and sank plum wine and ate cheeseballs. More cheeseballs DAMNIT! I had a blast, and I was completely unsurprised to learn that no one I roll with is an undiscovered American Idol.

A wonderful lazy morning which included perhaps the best omlette I've ever had, and not a yolk in sight. WTF OMFG?! I'm converted. I don't think eggy soilders would quite be the same though.

NYC ran into the 90's both days, it was absolutely beautiful, I don't operate that well in the heat but i'm steadily climatising and I reckon i'll be wearing a fur coat come August and still feeling a draught.. Just you wait!

Saturday night I headed to an awesome restaurant called Esca with a lovely galdam from work, Kate. It was a reet treat! We got to eat outdoors on the terrace (Not that easy in NY - You certainly are hard put to find a place to beer it up outside - Boo!). It was an evening of new experiences, great company, 7 small delicous courses, 7 different wines, a lot of laughs and it was splendid. Thank you.

Sunday I did feel a bit flat, I took a ride which lasted longer than I had intended, and the heat was crazy, think I had a slight case of heatstroke, but it was a'ight! I went over to Brooklyn with my buddy Chris to see Alkaline Trio at the Williamsburg Music Hall, they were supported by Saves the Day who threw in a ton of old stuff which made me very happy, and the Trio didn't dissapoint either! There were huge sing along choruses, fist punching, a little bit of a throwdown it was solid. And I left feeling totally psyched on it!

The weekend was a treat, a lot of memories and special moments. And a lot of wishing I could have spent some time with the UK massive. Be-lee.

Nuff Love.


sutty said...


glad you've managed to slide a gig in. If you get chance, get to see Moving Mountains. You will not be disappointed.

Northern Monkey said...

Any chance of a dictionary of street jive talk for us 30 something BMX dads..? ;)

I LOVE YOU said...


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