Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Je Taime Vélo de Bicross

Only a few more sleeps until I hop on a plane and get myself into the beauty of the Aix en Provence region of France and get to shred with frends on some of the best BMX tracks in Europe. Dust, sunshine, friends, big jumps, pain au chocolat, cafe du lait and smiles. I cannot wait.

In the meantime, big ups and Happy Birthday to the man like RB.com. I'll see you next week fam!

If you need some fresh music you could do a lot worse than seek out and listen to the Jamie XX Mix from 6 music fro mthe weekend, those kind peoples over at Some Kind of Awesome ripped it up onto Souncloud and I'll save you the footwork and you can listen here.

Weekend was kinda quiet, I hit the slopes of Hunter Mountain on Saturday, conditions weren't so great, lots of ice and a bitter arctic wind made the lifts pretty miserable, but my buddy Liam hooked me up a full setup and it was awesome to ride my own board and shred with those guys, I even got myself down a couple of double black diamonds, good times! They were all far more advanced than I were, but it meant I just worked hard and was never that far off. The double black runs were pretty good, not too much ice, and I even managed to get myself over a couple of kickers. Good times. I hope to to get on a board twice more this season once in Franc with RB, AT and Fera and then a trip to the Poconos on the weekend after I get back with my boy MC Dave Sivin.

The rest of the long weekend I spent with Dani and friends, hit some training up, rode my BMX, finished off my boy Johnny Pinsonnault's custom Standard 125r frame that he asked me to paint for him, and sorted out a few bits for the France trip. I can't wait for Friday!

The Fam France 2010.

See more from last year shot by RB here.

It has gotten incredibly cold back in the City here and we even got a couple of inches of snow on Sunday night - mint. The warm wouldn't last, so I'm even more psyched for escaping to the sunshine.

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